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2018 Series

Preserver Preamp-Overdrive

The "Preserver" is an extremely transparent PreAmp that "preserves" your tone giving you the most outstanding headroom you can get in a stompbox. You also get 2 extra overdrive modes with independent clipping stages featuring a LED overdriven section and a more compressed silicon gain stage. You can choose the wood on the top with beautiful and unique presentation.


The Magellan dynamic Overdrive

The Magellan is an extremely dynamic hi-gain overdrive which allows you to go from slightly overdriven sounds, even with the gain knob in higher positions, to a fuzzy and raw dirt sound just with your picking dynamics!


Mountain Reverberator (NAMM '19 NEW RELEASE)

Based in Santiago de Chile, at the foot of the Andes, we took this inspiration to design a very atmospheric ambient reverb, going beyond being a classic amp spring reverb model. The analog dry signal makes it one of the clearest reverbs available, avoiding that digital smearing that happens on most reverbs out there. The “Mountain Reverb” features 3 very useful controls: MIX, DECAY and SIZE, which allows you to go from spring and room settings to a more ethereal hall/cathedral style reverb.