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First company producing pedals on a sustainable way, we redefine the concept to bring you the best tone and quality for live and studio performance

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Humboldt electronics born in 2015 at Santiago de Chile as the first company producing effects pedals in a sustainable, solid, FSC
certified, 100% wooden enclosures. Through this short time became the first chilean based brand selling in Japan, USA and other countries.  This increasement led us to change the productive process keeping the idea of work with woods on a sustainable way, only using musical woods (Flamed Maple, Violet Wood, Ash and more) recycled from luthier boutiques.
 Beyond the use of wood, we have followed the challenge of delivering a unique, characteristic sound, but with the fundamental premise of respecting your own tone, while giving you something “extra”, in the search of additional body and midrange, but leaving those options under your control.
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2018 Series


Preserver Preamp-Overdrive

The "Preserver" is a extremely transparent PreAmp that "preserves" your tone giving you the most oudtsanding headroom you can get on a stompbox. You get also 2 extra overdrive modes with independent clipping stages featuring a LED overdriven section and a more compressed silicon gain stage. You can choose the wood on the top with beautiful and unique presentation.



The Magellan dynamic Overdrive

The Magellan is a extremely dynamic hi-gain overdrive which allows you to get from slightly overdriven sounds even with the gain knob in higher positions to a fuzzy and raw dirt sound just with your picking dynamics!



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Is our promise, you will love our pedals because of their sound first, then because is a pice you can show with "Pride & Joy"


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  • Viña del Mar #036, Providencia, Santiago de Chile